SnapChat Survey – How to Create a Survey on SnapChat

Create and Launch a Snapchat Survey in 4 Easy Steps:

1) Create the survey using the survey creation form

2) Locate the survey on your dashboard

3) Click on ‘Add to Site’ button and then copy the link by clicking on ‘Link’

4) Paste the link in your Snapchat channel

You’re done!


Below is an example of SnapChat Survey created with Opinion Stage:

snapchat- survey

Best Practices for Creating a Snapchat Survey

1) Focus On Your Users – The survey needs to arouse the desire in your users to participate in it, so verify you make it engaging

2) Keep it short when possible – try to keep in the range of 5-15 questions.

3) Add Images/Videos Images and videos are recommended as Snapchat is primarily a visual medium

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