Snapchat Quiz – How to Run a Quiz on Snapchat

How to Run a Snapchat Quiz

1) Create a Snapchat quiz using the quiz creation form

2) Locate the quiz in the dashboard

3) Click “Embed & Share” button, and then the “Link” tab

4) Copy the link and paste it into your Snapchat channel

You’re done!

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Following is a live example of a personality quiz, try it out:



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Following is a live example of a trivia/knowledge quiz, try it out:



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Best practices for creating a Snapchat Quiz

Know your users

Think about your users when deciding on the quiz topic and title. What will make them curious and interested? what would they love to participate in? A good and focused title can be the difference between a super successful quiz and a sub-optimal one.

Make it easy to participate

Select questions that are short and easy to understand. Try to keep your answers short as well.  Verify all the options are covered and that answers don’t overlap.

Select a good length

Remember that the longer the quiz, the fewer responses you will get. Make it long enough to bring value to the participant, but not too long. We usually recommend anywhere between 5-15 questions. If you only have one question to ask, make a Snapchat poll.

Add Visuals

Snapchat is a visual medium, therefore we highly recommend adding images to your quiz cover and to each one of the questions. You can also add images to the answers to make them more appealing.

Customize your Snapchat Quiz

With our Quiz Maker, you can easily customize the quiz so it matches your brand look & feel. Select a color theme & font from a list of offered options or add your own created theme and font.

Create Your Own Free Snapchat Quiz

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