SnapChat Poll – How to Run a Poll on SnapChat

Follow these steps to run a SnapChat Poll:

  1. Create the poll using the poll creation form
  2. Locate the poll on our dashboard
  3. Click on the ‘Embed & Share’ button and then copy the link from the ‘Link’ tab
  4. Paste the link in your Snapchat channel

You’re done!

snapchat poll maker

Here’s an example of a SnapChat Poll created with OpinionStage:

snapchat-pollBest practices when creating a SnapChat poll

1) Define the purpose of your poll  Whether it is feedback for products or customer engagement, create polls with a clear goal in mind.

2) Make the questions entertaining  Snapchat is an entertaining social media platform, and therefore entertaining questions work better.

3) Use visuals Snapchat is a visual platform and therefore it is highly recommended to use images in your poll

4) Require voting to view results  to increase the response rate on your poll, reveal the results of the poll only after the user votes

5) Make it short  select a short question and try to make the answers as simple and short as well to maximize participation in the voting


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