How to Create a Poll on Facebook in Seconds

Follow these 4 steps to create a Poll on Facebook:

1) Create a poll using the Poll Creation Form

2) After the poll is created, click the "Embed & Share" button

3) In the displayed dialog, click the "Link" tab and copy the link

4) Paste the link in your Facebook page and click enter

You're Done!

Running a poll on Facebook is an effective way to learn about your audience. You can use facebook polls to test new ideas, find out your users' opinions, and more.

Two options to create a Facebook poll

There are two ways to create a poll on Facebook. The first way is to use Facebook's poll creator. The second is using a 3rd party app that specializes in polling such as Opinion Stage which we will show you here how to use.

Both options will help you create polls. However, we recommend you use Opinion Stage Poll Maker as it will give you access to advanced analytics, a lot of features and design options that are not offered by the minimalistic facebook poll tool.

Below is an example of a Facebook poll you could create:

And here is another facebook poll example (this time in the image layout)

Best practices

1. Put your audience first
Understand your audience before creating a poll. Get to know their interests, needs, and wants and create your poll based on this information.

2. Keep it clear and short
Shorter polls perform better than longer ones, so be sure to make your questions and answers as simple as possible.

3. Add visuals
Use images in your poll to catch people's attention. There are several sources online where you can find free stock images.