Make a Free Moodle Poll In Seconds

Learn how to make an engaging interactive Moodle poll and share it with your students.

How to Add a Poll to Your Moodle Site

Follow these three steps to add a poll to your Moodle site:

1. Create a poll

poll creation form

2. Copy embed code

Locate the poll in the item dashboard. Click the “Embed & Share” button, click the “iframe” tab, and copy the code.

embed iframe code

3. Add to Moodle

Paste the poll embed code in the Moodle HTML editor.

Try this poll

Tips For Creating a Moodle Poll

Creating an engaging poll is quick and easy. Here are a few tips that’ll make it even easier.

Make It Short

Keep both the question and the answers of your Moodle poll as easy and short as possible. Shorter questions and answers will result in higher response rates.

Make It Easy to Answer

Include all the possible answers to the question. Also verify that the answers don’t overlap, since overlapping answers make it difficult to answer the poll. When relevant, let the user suggest additional answers to the poll so you can consider adding them.

Select an Appealing Question

Select a question that is appealing to your audience. If the user is curious to know how other users answered it adds to the mystery.

If you want to ask more than one question, consider making an engaging Moodle quiz or Moodle survey instead.

Use Visuals

A great image integrated into the poll can dramatically increase the percentage of people that will vote in your poll. You can add an introduction image or/and images for each one of the answers. Images can also add context to the question and answer.

For more details, refer to the poll maker product page.

You can easily do it yourself, no need for a developer.

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