Moodle Quiz – How to Add a Quiz to Your Moodle Site

Follow these steps to create a Moodle quiz and add it to your site:

1) Start by creating a quiz

2) Locate the quiz in the item dashboard

3) Click “Embed & Share” button, and then click the “iframe” tab

4) Copy the embed code and paste it in the Moodle HTML editor

You’re done!

Moodle quiz logo

Following is an example of a Moodle Quiz

Moodle quiz example

Best practices for creating a Moodle quiz

  1. Select an appealing quiz question – the quiz questions is the single most important element of the quiz. Select a quiz question that is appealing and interesting to your audience.
  2. Keep the question and answers short – the questions and answers of your quiz should be short and simple to verify the questions are easy to understand and answer.
  3. Use visuals – visual quizzes that include images in the cover, questions, and answers will get much higher participation rates.
  4. Make it visible – locate the quiz above the fold and/or use an enter/exit popup to verify your quiz is noticed by your audience.

For more details, refer to the quiz maker product page

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Moodle Quiz – How to Add a Quiz to Your Moodle Site
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