Squarespace Survey: Add a Survey to Your Site in Less than 1 Minute

How to add a  Squarespace Survey to your site

1) Start by creating a survey using the Survey Creation Form

2) Locate the Squarespace survey in your Items Dashboard

3) To generate the embed code click on the “Embed & Share” button. From the dialog that is displayed, go to the Script tab and copy the embed code

Now go to your Squarespace site

4) Open an existing page or create a new page. You will notice a “+” sign on the top right side. Clicking on the option will display a drop-down menu.

add squarespace survey

5) Create a new code – A list of add-ons will appear in the drop-down menu. Select “code” displayed under the bar “more”. This will display a new window allowing you to make edits to the code.

embed the survey
6) Paste the embed code from Opinion Stage – insert the code you previously copied in the window and click “Apply”. The survey will be added to your page.

apply survey code
7) Click on the save option on the top left corner and refresh the page contents. The survey is now ready to be used.

save the survey on squarespace

You’re done!


Following is an example of a Survey

View more survey examples & templates

Best Practices for Creating a Survey on Squarespace

Start with planning

Think about who your audience is and what information you want to extract from it when planning the Squarespace survey.

Keep Your Squarespace Survey short

Ask only the questions you really need to extract the insights you are looking for. Remember that the shorter the survey is, the more responses it will get.

Make it visual

Add images to the survey questions and answers. Adding images improves the survey engagement and can also add context to the question and to the answers.

Place in a prominent location

Maximize the number of users that view and participate in your survey by locating it in a visible prominent location. Place it above the fold if possible, in a section on the site or in an enter/exit popup.

Use skip logic

Use skip logic (also known as branch logic) to personalize the survey questions so that only relevant questions are displayed to each user. with skip logic, you can configure which question is displayed next based on the answer to the current question.

For more information, refer to the Survey Maker Page

Create a SquareSpace Survey in Seconds

Create a Free Survey


Squarespace Survey: Add a Survey to Your Site in Less than 1 Minute
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