How to add a Blogger Poll to your Blogger site

Follow these steps to create and add a blogger poll to your site:

1) First, create a poll

2) Locate the poll you created in the Blogger Dashboard

3) Click “Embed” next to the poll you created, and copy the JavaScript code from the Script tab

4) From the Blogger account post page, select “Edit HTML”

5) Paste the JavaScript code into the body of the post and click “Publish Post”

You’re done, the poll was added to your site!


Following are a few reasons why you should consider adding a poll to your Blogger site:

1. Increase engagement

Polls require users to participate and get involved with the content, rather than passively reading through it. This leads to greater engagement and participation on your poll page.

2. Drive traffic to your site

Polls are one of  the most shared types of content on the internet, get more traffic from social networks by creating an engaging and viral poll

3. Learn about your audience

You can use polls to collect useful data about your followers and audience. You can find out general demographic information, as well as detailed information about their interests, wants, and needs.

4. Gather leads

You can add a lead form to your blogger poll to collect leads (e.g. emails, names, etc) associated with each answer.

Ready to start? Create your first poll!


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