Blogger Survey – How to add a Survey to your Blogger site

Follow these steps to add a Blogger Survey to your site:

1. Create a survey using the Survey Creation Form

2. Locate the survey you created in the Items Dashboard

3. Click the “Embed & Share” button and then copy the code from the Script tab

4. From the Blogger / Blogpost account post page, select “HTML View”, paste the script code you copied into the body of the post and click “Publish Post”

You’re done!
Blogger survey logo
Following is an example of a blogger survey:
blogger survey example

To view more survey examples, view the templates & examples dashboard

Tips for creating a Blogger Survey

Define your objectives

Start by crystalizing what are the objectives of the survey. Do you want to discover who your audiences? Are you looking to discover their views on a specific topic? Verify the survey focused on the objectives

Keep it simple

Verify the survey questions and answers are short and clear. In each question, try to include all possible answers and avoid overlap.

Prefer close-ended questions

Close ended-questions get more responses than open-ended questions. Whenever possible, prefer using a close-ended question.

Pick a good length

The more questions you ask the more data you can gather. However, the more questions you ask, the fewer submissions you will get. Try to keep your survey as short as possible, we recommend between 5-15 questions.

Make it visual

Add images to your survey questions. Try to make the images appealing and engaging as possible.

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