Shopify Form: How to Add a Form To your Shopify Site

Follow these steps to add a form to your Shopify site:

Step 1: Create a form

Start by creating a form. After creating the form, click the “Embed & Share” button and copy the code in the script tab.

Shopify form script code

Go to your Shopify account and on the admin dashboard you will come across ‘Pages’ on the left-hand side of your screen.

Shopify form pages

You can create a new page if you wish to publish the form on a new page or choose from one of your existing pages where you’d like to add the form to.

Shopify form add pages

Step 2: Copy the Embed HTML Code to The Editor of the Page

Head to the Page Editor section and navigate to the ‘Write Your Page’ section. Click on the ‘<>’ icon

Shopify form show editor

Paste the script code from OpinionStage in the edit box that is opened.

Shopify form script

# Step 3: Save The Form & Preview It          

Save and preview the form before it goes live on your Shopify website.

Shopify form

You’re done!

Create a Shopify Form to verify get more leads and follow up with them via email/phone.

Following are some recommendations and best practices:

1) Get notified on submissions – get notified in real-time as form submissions are received

2) Customize the form – you can customize every aspect of the look & feel of the form so it matches your site and brand

3) Make the form noticed – locate the form in a prominent location on the site, preferably above the fold

4) Connect to your marketing automation – configure that submissions are automatically sent to you email automation service

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Shopify Form: How to Add a Form To your Shopify Site
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