WordPress Poll Plugin – How to Add a Poll to Your Site

Follow these steps to add a poll to your WordPress site:

1) Install the Poll Plugin

2) Connect the plugin to Opinion Stage

3) Create a Poll using the Poll Creation Form

4) Add the Poll to your post/page using the Classic Editor or Gutenberg Editor

You’re done!

wordpress poll plugin logo

Following is an example of a WordPress Poll

wordpress poll plugin example

Some tips for creating a WordPress Poll

Keep it short

Keep both the question and the answers of your poll short. Shorter texts will make it easy to quickly understand the question and answer and will get more users to vote.

Select answers carefully

Select answers that cover all the possible options but do not overlap. You might want to allow users to suggest additional answers as well.

Use Visuals

A good image or video inside the poll can boost engagement and voting conversion. You can add an introduction image to the poll and add thumbnail or large images to each one of the poll answers.

Customize to fit your brand

Use one of the built-in themes or create your own theme to verify the poll look and feel matches your site and branding.

Gather leads

Polls present a great opportunity to gather email leads. Integrate a lead form just before the user views the answers of the poll. You will get the contact information associated with the poll question.

Create a Poll in Seconds

Create a Free Poll


WordPress Poll Plugin – How to Add a Poll to Your Site
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