Wix Survey – How to add a Survey to your Wix Site

Follow these steps to add a Wix survey to your Wix site

1. Create a Survey using the Create a Survey form

2. Locate the survey you created in the Items Dashboard

3. Click the “Embed & Share” button, and from the “Script” tab copy the code

4. Now go to your Wix website. Click the ‘+ Add’ button In the site editor (the URL will begin with ‘….’), and hover over ‘More’ (it’s the last option in the list).

Wix survey dashboard

5) Choose the option saying ‘HTML Code’. You will see a gray box appear, with an ‘Enter Code’ instruction. Click that. You will then see this appear:

Wix survey add

6) Check that you have the ‘Code’ option selected (as shown in the image above)- and then paste the code you copied earlier. Once you’re done, click ‘Update’.

You’re done! You can now move the survey’s container around the page by clicking and dragging it.

Survey Creation Tips

1) Make it easy to answer: verify your questions and answers are as short as possible and as clear as possible

3) Use images: Images catch people’s eyes and imaginations, attracting attention to your survey and keeping participants around. Choose good-looking images, especially for the survey cover

4) Use Skip/Branch logic – this feature allows you to jump between questions based on the user’s answer

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