Wix Form – How to Add a Form to your Wix Site

Follow these steps to add a Wix Form to your Wix site:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Create a form

    Start by creating a form.make a form

  2. Locate your form

    Locate the form you created in the Item Dashboard.go to dashboard

  3. Copy code

    Click on ‘Embed & Share’. Select ‘iframe’, and copy the code.copy iframe code

  4. Open Wix site

    Now go to your Wix website. Click the ‘+ Add’ button In the site editor (the URL will begin with ‘editor.wix.com/….’), and then select ‘Embed’ and ‘Embed a Widget’.

  5. Paste code

    Select ‘HTML Code’ and then select the  ‘Enter Code’ option. Paste the code you copied earlier into this box, then click ‘Apply’.add code to wix

  6. Drag & drop

    The form should appear on your Wix page. You can drag the container to anywhere you like on the page.

You’re done! 

Here is an example of a Wix Form:

wix form example

For more details, refer to the form page

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