Tumblr Survey – How to add a Survey to Your Tumblr Site

Follow these 5 steps to add a Tumblr Survey to your site:

1) Create a survey using the Create a Survey Form

2) Locate the survey you created in the Dashboard and click on the “Embed & Share” button next to it.

3) Click on the “Link”  option and copy the link.

4) From your Tumblr account dashboard, click on the “Link” tab

Add tumblr survey

5) Paste your URL in the box that appears and click “Post.” Feel free to add tags if needed!

Tumblr survey embed

You’re done!

Following is an example of a Tumblr Survey:

Tumblr survey example

Below are a few things you should keep in mind when creating a Tumblr survey:

1. Keep the survey short

Users won’t complete your survey if it’s too long. By making it shorter, you’ll increase the chances your users will answer with their full attention.

2. Make the survey engaging

Opinion Stage allows you to integrate media such as images and videos to make the questions in your Tumblr survey visually appealing. Choosing good-looking images will increase the engagement on your survey and led to more submissions as well.

3. Use close-ended questions whenever possible

These types of question are easier to answer than open-ended questions. You can also randomize the order of the answers to avoid a bias toward answers that are displayed first.

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