Telegram Poll – How to Run a Poll on Telegram

Follow these steps to run a Telegram poll:

1. Create a poll using the poll creation form

2. Locate the poll in the dashboard

3. Click “Embed & Share” button, and then the “Link” tab

4. Copy and Paste the link in the telegram channel

You’re done!

Telegram poll

Following is a Telegram poll example:

Telegram poll example

Best practices for creating a Telegram poll:

1) Keep it short – keep the questions and answers short, and try not to include too many answers

2) Make it look great – use an appealing theme and add a good image to boost vote engagement rates

3) Appeal to your audience – verify the question is one that gets your audience curious about the answer and eager to participate and answer

More info can be found in the poll maker page

It Takes Seconds to Create a Poll

Create a Poll