Interactive Content Popup on WordPress

The Opinion Stage Popup for Interactive Content Plugin gives you a popup tab to display interactive content created by you or by Opinion Stage. Use the content popup on WordPress to increase engagement on your blog or site, learn more about your users, gather contacts, and more.

Install the interactive content popup on WordPress:

  1. In your WordPress admin dashboard, select Add New under the Plugins menu
  2. Search for “Popup for Interactive Content by OpinionStage”
  3. Click Install Now and after installation is complete click Activate

To access the Opinion Stage WordPress dashboard:

Click on Popup by Opinion Stage on the left-hand sidebar of your WordPress admin panel

To enable the popup

Enable the popup tab by clicking the switch. Verify the switch is set on in both the Popup configuration page in WordPress and in the Popup configuration dashboard in Opinion Stage (it should be on by default.)

To configure the popup

  1. Edit the content displayed in the popup by clicking Configure Content and assigning either your content or shared content from the Opinion Stage dashboard
  2. Edit the settings – including the title, style, and auto-popup timing setups

Note: View the “Daily Quiz” popup in the bottom right of the screen here for an example of how the popup looks.