Moodle Quiz – How to Add a Quiz to Your Moodle Site

Follow these steps to create a Moodle quiz and add it to your site:

1) Start by creating a quiz

2) Locate the quiz in the item dashboard

3) Click “Embed & Share” button, and then click the “iframe” tab

4) Copy the embed code and paste it in the Moodle HTML editor

You’re done!

Moodle quiz logo

Following is an example of a Moodle Quiz

Moodle quiz example

Best practices for creating a Moodle quiz:

  1. Focus on  cover question and image – the cover question and image are the most important element in the quiz from the engagement standpoint
  2. Keep the question and answers short – write the questions and answers so they are short and simple. This way it will take seconds to comprehend them and you will maximize the chances your users will complete the quiz.
  3. Use images – a great image can go a long way in explaining the question in addition to the wording. It will also improve the engagement of the quiz
  4. Select a prominent location – locate the quiz above the fold and/or use a popup to display it to maximize participation

For more details, refer to the quiz maker product page

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