Article Section Placements

Article placements allow you to feature content (such as a poll) at the end of all your articles. It’s easy to switch which poll is displayed, making it possible for article placements to serve as a “daily poll.”

How to Add an Article Placement to Your Website:

1) Create content (e.g. poll, quiz, etc)

2) On your dashboard go to “Placements” and switch on “Article Section”

3) Click on “edit”

4) Under Fill Placement, select the poll or set you want to feature

5) Under Configure Placement (Advanced), set the title, width, and other features. Some possible options for a title could include “Daily Poll” or “What do you think?”

6) Click “Save & Preview”

7) Click “Embed” to add to your site, and copy and paste the code

How to Add an Article Placement to your WordPress website:

1)  Click “Polls by Opinion Stage” on the left hand side bar. (If you cannot find this option, make sure you have installed the plugin)


2) Connect with your Opinion Stage account (if you haven’t already)


3) Under Placements, switch “Article Section” on. If you don’t already have a poll configured, select the “configure” option. (Refer to steps #4-7 above for further help.)


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.