How to Create a Slack Survey

Follow these steps to create & share a slack survey:

1. Create a survey using the survey creation form

2. Locate the survey in the dashboard

3. Click “Embed & Share” button, and then the “Link” tab

4. Copy and Paste the link in the slack channel

You’re done!

slack survey

Following is a live example of a survey:

Below is an example that demonstrates how your slack survey will be displayed in different platforms:

Slack survey example

Recommendations for Creating a Slack Survey

Think about your audience

Start the survey planning by figuring out who your audience is and what will make them participate in your survey

Focus on the objectives

Define the outcome you would like to get before starting to plan the questions

Keep it short

Don’t ask too many questions in your slack survey, we recommend between 5-15. Try to keep the length of the questions and answers as short as possible

Use Media

Integrating images inside the survey dramatically improves the participation rate


Randomize the order of the answers to avoid bias towards a specific answer

Use skip logic

Skip logic lets you ask different questions to different users based on previous answers they provide. This lets you personalize your survey to each user.

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