WordPress Form Plugin – How to Add a Form to Your Site

Follow these steps to add a form to your WordPress site:

1) Install the Form Plugin

2) Connect the plugin to Opinion Stage

3) Create a Form using the Creation Form

4) Add the Form to your post/page using the classic editor or Gutenberg editor

You’re done!

wordpress form builder logo

Following is an example of a WordPress Form:

Wordpress form plugin example

WordPress Form – best practices:

1) Keep it short – include only the must-have fields, remember that the more fields you have in the form, the fewer submissions you will get

2) Customize the look & feel – customize the form so that it fits your site and brand

3) Get notified – when relevant, configure to get notified each time a user submits information in the form so you can act on it in real-time

4) Integrate  – integrate the form with your marketing tools to automatically insert the gathered information into your tools. For example, if you are gathering emails, you can automatically send them to your email sending service (e.g. MailChimp) with all the information captured

For more information refer to the form maker page

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