WhatsApp Form – How to Run a Form on WhatsApp

Follow these steps to create and send out a WhatsApp Form

1) Start by creating a form

2) Locate the form in the dashboard

3) Click “Embed & Share” button, and then the “Link” tab

4) Copy the link and paste it into your WhatsApp channel

You’re done!

whatsapp form logo

Below is an example of a WhatsApp Form created with Opinion Stage:

Whatsapp form example

Tips for Creating a Form on WhatsApp

Ask only what is needed

Define what pieces of information you need. Set the fields corresponding to that information as mandatory fields.

Keep it short

The longer your form will be the fewer submissions it will get. Verify you are not asking for information you don’t need.

Use an appealing image

You would be surprised how a good image can improve the conversion rate. Try selecting an image that is both catchy, but also adds context to the question.

Get notified of Whatsapp form submissions

You can configure to get notified on each submission so you can respond quickly

Brand your form

You can configure every aspect of the WhatsApp form including sizes, colors & fonts. You can even add your own logo to the form. Use this opportunity to get your brand out there

Use a template

We offer hundreds of form templates to select from. Use them for inspiration or as a starting point for creating your own WhatsApp form

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WhatsApp Form – How to Run a Form on WhatsApp
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