Make a Weebly Form In Minutes

Learn how to make a Weebly form quickly and easily.

How to Add a Form to Your Weebly Site

Follow these steps to add a Weebly form to your site:

1. Create a form

Start by creating a single-page form or a multi-page form from scratch, or choose one of our form templates and adjust it to your needs and audience.

make a form

2. Copy embed code

Locate the form you created in the items dashboard. Click on the “Embed & Share”, select the “General Embed” tab, and copy the code.

copy html embed code

3. Go to Weebly

Open your Weebly account dashboard, select the “Embed Code” button, under “More”. Drag and drop the button onto your page and paste the embed code you previously copied into it.

Try this form

Form Making Best Practices

Following are some tips for creating a top-performing Weebly form:

Be Focused

Ask only for what you need – the more fields you add, the fewer submissions you will get, so stick to the fields you really need.

Make It Your Own

Customize the look and feel – using Opinion Stage, you can change every aspect of the form look & feel to match your brand and site.

Integrate It

Integrate with your marketing automation – automatically send all the information gathered in the form to your marketing services (e.g. MailChimp, etc.).

For more information, refer to the Form Maker product page.

You can easily do it yourself, no need for a developer

Create a Form
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