Create a Moodle Form In Minutes

Learn how to make an interactive form and share it with your students on Moodle.

How to Add a Form to Your Moodle Site

Follow these steps to add a Form to your Moodle site:

1. Create a form

Create a single-page form or a multi-page form from scratch, or choose a form template and customize it.

make a form

2. Copy iframe code

Locate the form you created in the item dashboard, click on the “Embed & Share” button, and then select the “iframe” tab. Copy the embed code.

embed iframe code

3. Add to Moodle

Paste the iframe code in the Moodle HTML editor.

Try this feedback form

Best Practices When Creating a Moodle Form

  1. Ask only for what you really need – the more fields you have in the form, the fewer submissions you will get, so verify you only request information you really need.
  2. Locate in a prominent location – verify your form is viewed by all relevant viewers by locating it in the mainstream and above the fold whenever possible.
  3. Integrate with marketing automation – Opinion Stage supports integration with all popular marketing and email services (Hubspot, salesforce, Mailchimp, etc). Automate the process by automatically sending the data collected to the one you use.
  4. Get notified in real-time – in some cases, you might want to follow up with the user as he submits the form. Configure to get notified by email when a new form submission is entered.

For more details, refer to the form maker product page.

You can easily do it yourself, no need for a developer

Create a Form
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