Facebook Form: How to Run a Form on Facebook

How to Create a Form on Facebook

  1. Start by creating a form

    You can create a standard form or a conversional/interactive form

  2. Get a shareable link to the form

    Click the Embed & Share button to open the embed window. Then click the Link tab and copy the link.

  3. Share the form

    Paste the link you copied into your Facebook business or personal page or in your Facebook Messenger channel.

form on facebook

Following is an example of how a standard form on Facebook would look like in different platforms:

messenger form example

Opinion Stage also offers interactive facebook forms, here is a live example

Best Practices for Creating a Form

Here are some tips and recommendations to help you out

Keep it Short

Keep the Facebook form short, include only the fields you really need. Remember that the more fields you have the fewer submissions you will get

Automate the Form

Configure to automatically send the form submissions to your CRM or email marketing software so that you don’t have to manually do that and to follow up on them in real-time

Make it conversational

Make your form interactive and conversational. Instead of asking a lot of questions one under the other, ask the questions one after the other. You can also use skip logic to display only the relevant questions. With skip logic, you can determine what question is asked next based on the answer to the current question.

Make it Visual

Boost the form submissions by making it visual. Add images to the different fields and optionally include an intro and ending image.

Get Notified on Submissions

Get notified in an email on each submission to the form so that you can quickly follow up with the user.

For more details refer to the form maker page

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