Email Form: How to Send a Form in Email

Follow these steps to create & send a form in an email

  1.   Start by creating a form
  2.   Locate the form in the dashboard
  3.   Click “Embed & Share” button, and then the “Link” tab
  4.   Copy and Paste the Link in the body of the Email and Send

You’re done!

Email form

Follow is an example of an email form:

Email form example


Following are some best practices for sending email forms

1) Collect only the fields you really need – the more fields you include in the form, the fewer responses you will get, so ask only the required information

2) Locate the form in a prominent location – verify your visitors see the form

3) Customize the form look & feel – use the customization options to make your form look & feel match your site and brand

4) Get notified on submissions – get notified each time someone submits a form entry

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