Blogger Form – How to add a Form to your Blogger site

Follow these steps to add a Blogger Form to your site:

1. Start by Creating a Form

2. Locate the form you created in the Items Dashboard

3. Click the “Embed & Share” button

4. Copy the JavaScript code from the Script tab

5. From the Blogger / Blogpost account post page, select “HTML View”, paste the script code you copied into the body of the post and click “Publish Post”

You’re done!

Blogger form logo

Following is an example of a blogger form:

Blogger form exampleBest practices for creating a form:

1. Ask only what you need – verify you are asking only for the information you need. The more fields you have the fewer responses you will recieve

2. Add an Image – add an appealing and engaging image to your form to increase conversion rate

3. Customize look & feel – customize the interface of the form so that it matches your site and brand

4. Get notified – configure to get email notifications on submissions so you can act in real-time

5. Integrate – integrate the form with your marketing automation

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