Typeform Alternative – Opinion Stage vs. Typeform Pricing and Value


This article will compare Opinion Stage with Typeform and show why people are selecting Opinion Stage as a Typeform alternative. We will compare Typeform and Opinion Stage across the following areas: formats, look and feel, customization, and ease of use. We will also compare the Typeform Pricing to Opinion Stage.

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Opinion Stage is a great Typeform alternative because we offer multiple interactive formats in one platform. Following are the main Opinion Stage formats.

Form Format

Opinion Stage supports stand alone, static forms. Following is an example of a stand alone form created with Opinion Stage:

typeform alternative form

Survey Format

Opinion Stage offers online surveys for creating interactive forms that maximize participation rates. This is achieved by making survey forms that look great, are interactive and are designed to optimally display on all devices and platforms. With Opinion Stage, you have the option to display questions one after another, as opposed to one single form. 

You can create a beautiful survey that people love to participate in. The visually appealing designs and question layouts result with higher participation rates and better results. 

You can integrate cover, introduction and answer images to enhance and beautify your surveys. Opinion Stage users have the ability to build the forms from scratch or create from one of the hundreds of optimized templates offered in the templates library. 

Following is an example of how a question in a survey looks like:

survey typeform alternative

Poll Format

Opinion Stage offers a powerful Poll maker that is designed for quick voting. You have the option to ask a single question for users to immediately vote on, or allow users to ask a series of questions in Poll Sets. You can maximize voter participation rates with Opinion Stage Poll formats, as they allow users to vote on any particular topic and submit their responses quickly. Opinion Stage offers several various Poll formats including opinion poll forms, political polls, election polls, image polls, picture polls, video polls, ranking polls, voting polls, email polls, yes or no polls, and more. Here is a Poll example:

typeform alternative poll

While Opinion Stage Polls are fast and easy to execute, we do offer several advanced Poll features for your advanced polling needs. You can determine and control how many answers a user can select. Opinion Stage users have the option to restrict more than one answer or set permission to a specific number of answers. Users can also configure for users to suggest additional answers as a “write in.”  You can also choose to add a display message after the user votes, and include a call to action or redirect to another page, based on your business goals.

Opinion Stage also offers advanced features to determine who and who cannot vote. You have the ability to require a social profile for voting, which includes Facebook, Twitter, and Google. You can also configure your Poll settings to block repeat voting. This can be done by blocking cookies or blocking IP address – or you can allow repeat voting. You can also allow additional voting but with a time restriction, for example, allow repeat voting after one day.

Opinion Stage offers multiple options for displaying Poll results. You can hide the results from users, you can allow users to view results prior to voting, or display results only after a user has voted. More advanced features also include the ability to hide the number of votes, randomize the answers or voting options of the Poll, and set the Poll to close at a specific time.

Quiz Format

Opinion Stage has the advantage of offering Personality Quizzes. Users can answer multiple outcome based questions to determine several conclusions, for example product finders,gift recommendations and identifications.

Below is a Personality Quiz example:

typeform alternative personality quiz example


Opinion Stage also offers a Trivia Quiz, which tests a users knowledge on a particular topic. This is great for assessments and contests! You can set a timer for these quizzes and provide explanations per answer.

Here is an example of a Trivia Quiz question:

typeform alternative trivia quiz question

Customization Options

Opinion Stage allows you to fully customize your items so that they perfectly match your brand and site. You can select from existing themes or use custom CSS to change every design aspect of the item, including color, font, sizes and more. You can also white label the survey. Here is an example of an Opinion Stage customer that has branded the form:

typeform alternative customization

Ease of usage

Opinion Stage is comparatively much easier to use than Typeform. This is especially the case if you create multiple daily items for your site! It is quite intuitive to create items using Opinion Stage, and can take only a few minutes if using our pre-configured templates.

Opinion Stage also has a high-ranked WordPress Plugin that makes it easy to put your content on WordPress sites. Overall, ease of use is excellent on Opinion Stage.

Opinion Stage vs. Typeform Pricing and Plans

Opinion Stage offers 4 plans, while Typeform offers 3. Opinion Stage is competitive with Typeform pricing and offers a free plan and paid versions, starting at $19 per month for new businesses. You can also sign up for an Opinion Stage Enterprise plan which includes a dedicated account manager, custom integrations, and advanced security features.

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Brands, publishers, educators and e-commerce merchants are selecting Opinion Stage as a Typeform alternative based on these advantages – dedicated formats, many customization options and ease of use which result with more submissions and a delightful experience to users.


Typeform Alternative – Opinion Stage vs. Typeform Pricing and Value
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