Survey Monkey Alternative – Opinion Stage vs. Survey Monkey

By Opinion Stage Updated: March 14, 2022 Updated: Mar 14, 2022

This article will compare Opinion Stage with Survey Monkey and show why people are selecting Opinion Stage as a Survey Monkey alternative. We will compare Survey Monkey and Opinion Stage across the following areas: Formats, Design, Customizations & Integrations.

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Opinion Stage Formats

Opinion Stage is a great Survey Monkey alternative because we offer multiple interactive formats in one platform. The following are the main Opinion Stage formats.

Survey Format

Opinion Stage surveys are selected as a Survey Monkey alternative as they are designed for maximizing the number of submissions. This is achieved by creating surveys that look great, are interactive, and are designed to optimally display on all devices and platforms. The visually appealing designs and question layouts result in higher participation rates and better results.
Opinion Stage users have the ability to build surveys from scratch or use one of our many optimized survey templates offered in the templates library.

This is how a survey question can look on Opinion Stage:

survey monkey alternative

survey monkey alternative question

Poll Format – a survey monkey alternative that offers a powerful poll

Opinion Stage offers a dedicated poll format designed for quick voting, while Survey Monkey only has a survey format for voting. Opinion Stage poll formats allow users to vote on any particular topic and submit their responses quickly, maximizing participation rates. Our polling forms are designed for maximizing engagement and participation. The high engagement levels the poll form receives result from the interactive, visual, and mobile-friendly design. Furthermore, you can easily embed your Opinion Stage poll on multiple platforms based on your strategy and your customers’ convenience. For example, you could make a Wix poll or a Squarespace poll, depending on the infrastructure of your website. If you have an online store you could even create a Shopify poll. The options are endless. In addition, you can make your poll go viral on social networks by using built-in social sharing features.

We offer formats including opinion poll forms, political poll forms, election poll forms, image poll forms, picture poll forms, video poll forms, and more!

The online poll form builder is designed to make it super easy to quickly get started with the basic features. However, it is also designed for advanced polling needs. For more advanced usage scenarios, the poll creator is packed with advanced features. Some examples of advanced features include automatic poll closing, configuring who can view results, allowing users to suggest their own answers, integrating a lead form, redirecting on the vote, and dozens more!

The poll form app supports a few mechanisms to prevent repeat or cheat voting. These include a browser cookie-based mechanism, a device IP-based mechanism, and a mode in which users can only vote using their social profile (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google). Check out Opinion Stage for a great survey monkey alternative for creating polls.

Here is an example of a poll you could build using our online voting tool:

survey monkey alternative poll example

Form Format

Opinion Stage allows users to create both stand-alone and interactive forms.

Here is an example of a stand-alone form:

survey monkey alternative stand alone form

And following is an example of a lead form integrated inside another item (e.g. poll, survey, or quiz)

survey monkey alternative integrated form

Quiz Form Format

Opinion Stage has the advantage of offering Quiz forms as well. Users can answer multiple outcome-based questions to determine several conclusions in a Personality Quiz. This includes product finders and gift recommendations. Below is a Personality quiz product finder example:

survey monkey alternative personality quiz

Opinion Stage also offers a Trivia Quiz, which tests a user’s knowledge on a particular topic. This is great for assessments and contests! You can set a timer for these quizzes and provide explanations per answer. Here is an example of a Trivia Quiz:

survey monkey alternative trivia quiz

Customization Options

Opinion Stage is a great survey monkey alternative because it allows you to fully customize your items so that they perfectly match your brand and site. You can select from existing themes or use custom CSS to change every design aspect of the item, including color, font, sizes, and more. You can also white label the survey. Here is an example of an Opinion Stage customer that has branded the form:

surveymonkey alternative branded form

Survey Monkey Alternatives – Integrations

Opinion Stage and Survey Monkey both support a multitude of integrations. Below are some highlighted examples of Opinion Stage integrations.

Lead Generation

Opinion Stage is a great Google form alternative, especially when it comes to lead integrations. You can use custom webhooks to send data to 3rd party applications directly or via Zapier. Opinion Stage provides a great lead generation tool that lets you generate more leads (up to 500% more when compared to static forms) and leads in higher quality (the contact information is associated with the item answers). Opinion Stage supports native integrations (such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, etc), integrations, Webhook integrates, and an API. This allows you to fully integrate your Opinion Stage lead generation campaigns with your existing marketing stack.

Leads are the lifeblood of any successful business. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, you need to have a process that allows you to collect, convert, and close your leads. Without one, you’ll have a hard time increasing your sales and revenue.

Pixel Tracking

You can set the pixel to fire based on the step or question that a user reaches, for example upon quiz/survey completion.

You can send all events that occur in your items to your own Google tag manager to trigger actions accordingly.

As an example, you can fire different pixels based on form responses, and use those pixels to run various re-marketing campaigns per user segment.

CMS Integrations

Opinion Stage forms can be shared and added to any content management system or HTML web page. We offer an acclaimed WordPress plugin that lets you easily add your items to a WordPress site. You can embed an item directly into a single post or page, or you may want to enter an item into all pages on the site. In case you do not own a website, you can run the web forms from an optimized landing page on the Opinion Stage site.

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Top Reasons To Run An Opinion Stage Survey

Opinion Stage is one of the most trusted online platforms to create a survey. Some of the top leading brands and publishers such as Uber, BBC, NBC & Unilever trust Opinion Stage to be their go-to survey maker. As convincing as our clientele may be, we give you the top reasons to choose us as your go-to survey maker.

Get More Responses

Our survey maker is designed to maximize participation and submissions. This is done by running surveys that are visual, interactive, and mobile-first. By asking one question after another rather than multiple questions in the same page you get a more engaging personalized experience and that results in turn with more submissions. Opinion Stage also makes it easy to integrate visuals (e.g. images, gifs, videos, etc) inside the survey questions and answers to further improve the engagement and add context to the questions. The surveys are responsive to optimally display in all platforms.

Easy & Fast To Create

The survey creation form has an easy-to-understand and intuitive interface. It allows users to easily create surveys from scratch or by choosing one from the hundreds of free and optimized templates from the survey template library.

Beautiful Surveys

Opinion Stage offers multiple built-in themes to help you create a survey that is appealing in its design and also fits into the look & feel of your site. An attractive survey design makes way for higher participation rates and better results. The survey maker lets you add visuals in all survey locations as appropriate (in survey cover, in questions, in answers, etc) to further beautify your survey.

Complete Customization

Customize your survey so it fully matches your brand and website. Select from hundreds of existing themes and fonts, or upload your own font and custom CSS to perfectly match your site design. You can also add your logo to the survey for marketing and branding purposes and white label it so it seems as if you developed it.

Fast Performance

The surveys are fast to load on all platforms as well as on slow internet connections. If imagery is used, we optimize the sized of the images based on the platform (e.g. mobile) to verify quick loading. Performance is tracked and optimized constantly to verify top loading speed at all times.

Advanced Survey Reports

We offer detailed reports that cover all the aspects of the survey results and performance. With the performance report, you get to see the total number of views, starts, and completion rates. With the drop-off report, you can discover which questions are more difficult for users to answer, and improve or replace them. There are many different result reports including a full breakdown of answers to each question, an outcome report, detailed responses reports, a lead report, and more. You can also export all these reports to a CSV / XLS file format for advanced analysis.

3rd Party Integrations

Opinion Stage integrates with hundreds of 3rd party services. It offers native webhooks, Zapier, and API integrations. You can configure it to automatically send the survey submissions to a service of your choice.

Receive Email Notifications

You can configure to get real-time email notifications every time a user submits an entry. These notifications include the information collected in the survey, along with metadata and contact details. This feature allows survey makers to do a quick real-time follow-up with their users for additional questions.

Easy to Embed Anywhere

Surveys by Opinion Stage can be embedded into any content management system or HTML webpage. Our survey maker tool supports all kinds of embeds and integrations, including javascript, iframe, placements, plugins, and more. Users can also run surveys from an optimized landing page on the Opinion Stage website if they don’t have a website. Check out these pages to get more information on survey integrations on various platforms WordPress Survey PluginSquarespace SurveySurvey on WixShopify Embed, and Weebly Survey.

Security and Privacy

The data collected through surveys is confidential, which is why all data in transit is encrypted in transit and in rest. The data is stored in secure Amazon AWS servers. We follow industry security and privacy standards to verify your data is kept secure and private. 

Survey Skip / Branch Logic

Opinion Stage surveys support branch logic/skip logic to ask several follow-up questions based on the answer to the previous question. This makes your survey more personalized and relatable to participants. By using branch logic or skip logic, you can personalize the survey participate journey for quality data collection. 

Collect Contact Information

Collect the contact details of the participants in the survey by integrating a lead form inside the survey. This lead form can include various fields as per your requirements. You can utilize this data to conduct follow-up research based on the survey answers.

Opinion Stage as a Survey Monkey Alternative – Summary

Brands, publishers, educators, and e-commerce merchants are selecting Opinion Stage as a Survey Monkey alternative based on the advantages Opinion Stage has in regards to formats, customization options, and the user interface. These advantages result in more submissions and a delightful experience for the users.