Instagram Survey: How to Run a Survey on Instagram

Follow these 5 steps to run an Instagram Survey:

1) Create a survey using the survey creation form

2) Click the Embed & Share button associated with the poll, and then click the Link tab

3) Open the URL of your survey in a web browser and then take a screenshot of the survey webpage.

4) In the Caption area of your Instagram feed, paste the URL of the survey.

5) Tap or click Share in your Instagram feed to complete uploading the screenshot of your Survey along with its URL.

You’re done!

Instagram survey logo

Note: To make the URL of your survey clickable, you will need to purchase a business account of Instagram or run a paid promotion.

Here is an example of an Instagram survey using Opinion Stage:

Instagram survey example

Best practices for creating an Instagram survey:

1) Make it engaging – use images and videos to keep the survey engaging, use short questions and simple answers whenever possible

2) Don’t make it too long – we recommend asking between 7-10 questions depending on the scenario

3) Make it stand out – select a theme that stands out, and locate the survey in a prominent location (e.g. top of the fold, in a popup, etc)

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