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Why Use Our Online Test Maker?

Following are the top reasons why our online test maker stands out

Easy & Fast to Create

Opinion Stage Test Maker lets you easily create online tests from scratch or from optimized templates. It takes minutes to get up and going with a test created from scratch and even less with one created from one of the hundreds of templates. When creating from a template, you can change everything starting from text and logic to design.

Fast and Easy to Create Test Maker

Maximize Submissions

Opinion Stage Test Maker puts special focus on the engagement of the tests on all platforms - desktop, tablet and mobile. Our tests often get over 80% participation rates and over 90% completion rates. These results are achieved due to the interactivity, visual appeal and platform adjustments built in to the online tests.

online test maker that maximizes submissions

Gather Contact Information

You can configure to integrate a form inside the test to gather the contact information of the user that submitted the test. Customize the contact form to request any information you need - name, email, phone, etc. Export the results to an xls/csv or automatically send them to any 3rd party tool you use.

Gather contact information with test generator

Personalize Test Results

You can configure how the result page is displayed based on the result the user got in the test. Configure the texts (title, description), images, call to action button, and more.


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Easily Shareable

You can add a social sharing bar at the end of the test for users to share the test result they got on the test in popular social networks - Facebook, twitter, etc. Customize different aspects of the social share to verify it is optimized and encourage users to follow your social handle.

Test maker social sharing option

Advanced Results Dashboard

Get detailed reports on all aspects of the test results and performance. You can analyze the results both on an individual submission level and on an aggregate level. Performance reports let you see how many users saw the test, started it and completed it. You can discover how much time the user spent on the test, the number of engagements and more. Result reports let you see how each question was answered, the breakdown of scores the users received, a drop-off report, a responses report and more.

test maker results dashboard

Mobile Optimized and Responsive

The Responsive design of the test maker ensures that your tests perform & looks great on all types of devices - desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. In case you integrate media (e.g. images) into the tests they will also be optimized for the platform they are delivered to.

online test maker responsive design

Embed Anywhere or Run from our Landing Pages

The online tests can be added to any content management system or web page. Opinion Stage offers all the standard types of embed codes including Javascript, iframe, placements and more. In addition, you can use one of the native plugins such as the wordpress plugin. If you do not own a website, you can run the tests from optimized landing pages on the Opinion Stage site. You can also easily share the tests in social media, email and presentations.

online test embed anywhere

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Get Notified on Submissions

You can configure the test generator to send you a real-time email notification each time a there is a submission. The notification includes all the submitted data - questions, responses, contact information and more. You can use the notification to followup with the user and to optimize the test as responses start pouring in.

email notifications on test maker submissions

Security and privacy

The tests and the submissions are all stored in a secure AWS amazon servers configuration in the cloud. The data is fully encrypted in transit to avoid tampering. The information you gather with your tests is 100% yours and you can remove it from our servers at any time. Opinion Stage conducts periodic security assessments to verify we are up to date on standard security and privacy policies.

test generator security and privacy


Opinion Stage takes care of all performance issues for you. The tests run from multiple servers, set geographically apart to deliver high availability and performance. The test widgets are optimized for speedy loading on all platforms, including special adjustments done for mobile devices and slower networks. We monitor the performance to verify the tests are always running and load super fast on all platforms.

top performance of test widgets

Multiple Choice Test Maker Customization

The test maker can be fully customized. You can select the colors, sizes and fonts of your tests. Use css override to fully match the online test look and feel to your brand and site. White label the tests and add your own logo to make it seem as if you built the test maker in-house.

multiple choice test maker customizations

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Beautifully Designed Tests

Create online tests that look beautiful and perform great. Select from many different themes and add your own touch. Online tests that stand out convert better and get more submissions.

beautifully designed online tests

How the Test Maker is used

Following are a few examples that demonstrate how our clients use our test generator

Knowledge Tests

Create interesting knowledge tests that make learning engaging and enjoyable. You can either give immediate feedback to the test taker as they answer each question or give them a final score with detailed explanations on correct answers only after they finish the test. Make it fun by creating knowledge competitions that challenge your audience to complete the knowledge test with the most correct answers in the least time.

online knowledge test example

Corporate Training

Train your employees using highly engaging online training tests. Discover how well your employees digested the training material and learn how to improve the training for next time. It takes minutes to get up and going, and you can start from optimized templates.

Corporate training test

Student Assessments

Create student assessments either from scratch or from templates. Display personalized results including score, detailed explanation on correct and incorrect answers, call to actions and more. Analyze the assessment results using an advanced result analysis dashboard. Learn how students are performing as individuals and as a whole.

test generator for creating assessments

Loved By Our Users

Hundreds of 5 Star Reviews from Our Customers


Awesome & Dynamic Software with amazing Support Staff. It is very powerful but easy to use. You can tell a lot of work went into it to accomplish that. I am so glad I found this one. And the service.jeez..

Chel B.


I highly recommend Opinion Stage as they offer a fantastic product with exceptional support. Whenever I required additional help, they listened to my needs and promptly replied with a solution. Thank You.

Scott Percival


Great all around package. After checking all the alternatives there's no better option. The UI design is sleek and it adapts well to our website. The features are all we need. Customer support is quick to reply and super helpful.

Alex F.


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Send test submissions to any application you use to store and analyze test results in real-time


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