Employee Engagement Survey Template

Employee engagement surveys measure how employees feel about your company’s mission and their role in contributing to its success. Use our template to create an effective employee engagement survey that will give you insight into employee dedication and help you spot areas where you can improve.

What is an Employee Engagement Survey?

An employee engagement survey is somewhat similar to but also different from an employee satisfaction survey. While it does measure employee happiness to an extent, it focuses on their dedication and commitment to company goals. Of course, the two are very connected, as it’s difficult to imagine an engaged employee who is unsatisfied with their role in the organization.

However, employee satisfaction does not guarantee engagement. An employee engagement survey focuses on collecting feedback regarding different factors that contribute to a dedicated workforce. The results of the survey can help you determine the areas in which you can improve and provide employees with an environment that will help them stay motivated and encourage their commitment.

Why Measure Employee Engagement?

The answer is simple: engaged employees are more motivated and productive, which leads to better performance and results. For this reason, any organization looking to stay competitive needs to assess and constantly work on staff engagement. 

By measuring contributing factors with an employee engagement survey, you can identify the course of action you should take to ensure employees are dedicated to the success of the organization.

What to Measure with an Employee Engagement Survey?

Employee engagement can be affected by a multitude of factors, from overall satisfaction to company culture. As such, your survey can include questions regarding any number of them. Below are several areas you should assess due to their high impact. You can use these suggestions when designing your survey questions and tailor them to your needs.

Job Satisfaction

This is perhaps the most obvious factor determining employee engagement. Naturally, employees who love their job are always going to be more productive. So, in terms of engagement, employees who find their work challenging and feel they contribute to the organization’s success are usually the top performers. Keep this in mind when selecting survey questions.


Good management is crucial for the health of any organization. The reason being that communication, leadership, and good soft skills of your management staff greatly contribute to employee engagement. Make sure your survey includes a couple of questions assessing how employees feel about company management.

Opportunities for Development

Career development is one of the strongest driving forces when it comes to motivation and productivity. Consequently, an employee engagement survey can help you assess whether your staff feel they get enough opportunities and support to develop their career. Nurturing a culture of growth and learning within your organization is a sure way to increase employee motivation and performance.

Company Culture

Company culture can have a huge impact on employee motivation and their commitment to mutual goals. Make sure your survey includes a couple of questions gauging how your employees feel about their colleagues, work environment, and the social dynamics within their workplace.

Let’s Start Measuring

Measuring employee engagement periodically will help you understand the factors contributing to their commitment and motivation. An appealing digital survey with the right questions will ensure the feedback you receive is both qualitatively and quantitatively sound. Use our online survey maker as well s our many survey templates and examples to start measuring engagement in your firm and learning from the results.

Employee Engagement Survey Template
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