Remote Working Templates

Remote work is here to stay, and we need to learn how to do it right. Plus, working from home has tons of advantages: parents can spend more time with their kids, businesses can save on office space, and aspiring globetrotters can become digital nomads.

The main challenge of remote work is communication. Whether you need to increase productivity, develop company culture, or simply be there for your employees and colleagues, it’s difficult when you can’t even shake their hand.

But don’t get discouraged! We have some cool surveys, quizzes, and polls that’ll help you stay close even when you’re far.

Team Building Trivia Quiz Template

Use a Trivia Quiz to boost team spirit and give everyone a much-needed break from the serious stuff.

What Type of Remote Worker Are You?

The first step towards adapting to remote work is understanding what type of worker you are. Let's find out!

How do You Feel About Working From Home?

Looking forward to learning from your answers and taking your remote work experience to the next level.

360 Degree Feedback Form Template

Ask employees about their colleagues' performance to improve company efficiency, motivation, and culture.

Employee Engagement Survey Template

Measure employee engagement and identify actionable steps you can take to improve their motivation and productivity.

Employee Onboarding Survey

Gather feedback from your new staff members and improve your recruitment and onboarding practices.

Suggestion Box Template

Use an online suggestion box to gather new ideas and important input from your customers or employees.