Human Resources Surveys & Questionnaires

Use these survey and questionnaire templates to help your colleagues and employees express their needs, share feedback and submit personal information in an accurate, secure, and constructive way. 

How do You Feel About Working From Home?

Looking forward to learning from your answers and taking your remote work experience to the next level.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

Discover how happy your employees are with working for you and gather feedback that will help you increase employee satisfaction.

Job Satisfaction Survey Template

Discover how satisfied the company workers are, and how you can improve their satisfaction from their job.

Training Evaluation Survey Template

Evaluate training courses and programs to get actionable steps and improve their efficiency in the future.

Time Management Questionnaire

Use a time management questionnaire to help your employees assess their efficiency and improve their productivity.

Medical History Questionnaire

Use this questionnaire to learn about the health of new patients, clients, or employees.

Employee Engagement Survey Template

Measure employee engagement and identify actionable steps you can take to improve their motivation and productivity.

Employee Onboarding Survey

Gather feedback from your new staff members and improve your recruitment and onboarding practices.