Training Evaluation Survey Template

Evaluate training courses and programs to get actionable steps and improve their efficiency in the future.
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Training Evaluation Survey

Evaluate training courses and programs to get actionable steps and improve their efficiency in the future.
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Training programs and courses are a significant investment in employee skills development. So it’s only natural that you want to make the most of them. A training evaluation survey can help you get insight into different aspects of your training program and make informed decisions about how to improve it.

Benefits of Training Evaluation

By evaluating your training program you can pinpoint areas that need improvement, increase effectiveness, and boost future results.

Conducting training evaluation surveys regularly will also allow you to assess training quality. This way you’ll be able to track results and resolve any issues to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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What To Evaluate Through a Training Evaluation Survey?

There are several aspects of training that you can evaluate through surveys. Here are a few.

Training Course Appeal

Evaluating the appeal of the training course is especially important if the course is digital. It includes assessing how attractive, user-friendly, and interactive the interface and visual elements of the training process are.


How much course attendants will learn depends on the quality and effectiveness of course delivery. This can be evaluated by assessing how well course attendants understand the subject of the training program.


The best way to ensure good training results is to make the process engaging for the trainees. Engaged attendees will absorb knowledge and skills more efficiently. After all, learning through participation instead of observation ensures better comprehension.


In a sense, effectiveness sums up all the aspects of the course or training. It is a measure of the general performance of the course and to what extent the goals of the training have been achieved.

Add a Suggestion Box to Your Training Evaluation Survey

Let’s end things off with a quick and useful tip. Prompt your respondents to give you suggestions in terms of how the training could be improved. All you need to do is make a friendly online suggestion box, and you’re ready to go. It’s true, open-ended questions usually require some time to complete and may even be skipped by some people. But giving them the option to suggest changes is essential for an effective training evaluation survey.

To Summarize

By evaluating all aspects of the training, you will receive first-hand feedback and actionable steps from your attendees. This will help you decide what to repeat, what to avoid, and what to improve. Using one template for all your training surveys will also help with result consistency and save you some time. You can use pre-existing survey templates like this one, or make your own from scratch with our survey maker


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