The Ultimate Alt TikTok Trivia

Have you heard of Alt Tiktok? It's all about dark humor, inside jokes, and quirky randomness. Sound interesting or familiar? Take this quiz to learn all about it or to prove that you're part of it.

Alt TikTok Quiz

What is Alt TikTok? If you're a tiktokin' millennial you probably know the answer, and this quiz will give you a chance to shine, glitter, and sparkle.


If you're not a millennial, you're probably thinking, "what is Alt what?!?". But don't worry, this quiz is a great opportunity to catch up and get in on some cool alternative TikTok trends.  

  • Discover the heroes, or rather antiheroes, of Alt TikTok.
  • Learn about the most heated debates between mainstream TikTokers (AKA Straight TikTokers) and Alt TikTokers.
  • Discover some super fun and weird alternative TikTok clips. 

We hope you enjoy this quiz experience as much as we enjoyed creating it! See you on the other side of TikTok.

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