The Ultimate Alt TikTok Trivia

Have you heard of Alt Tiktok? It's all about dark humor, inside jokes, and quirky randomness. Sound interesting or familiar? Take this quiz to learn all about it or to prove that you're part of it.
Let's do this!
Fill in the Blank: "#Free______2020"
Don't worry, Adam isn't a prisoner, his fans simply want to "free" him from his family's band, SM6. Read all about it here.
What is a barb?
By the way, a Barb could also refer to a Berny Sanders supporter, and if you're wondering what a Stan is, it's a super fan.
Who is the youngest member of the SM6 band?
Jack is 13 years old, followed by Eliana who's 14. Emily is 16, Adam is 18, Isabel is 20, and George is 21.
Is Avani Gregg part of Alt Tiktok?
While Avani may claim she is on Alt Tiktok, any Alt TikToker would tell you that she is definitely not. Read all about it here.
What are other names for Alt TikTok?
What is bean TikTok all about?
The bean side of Tiktok features 15-second clips of talking beans and wacky bean-related content. Dannys Beans by Jaron Staiger is a bean Tiktok classic.
Fill in the blank: "xue hua piao ___ bei feng xiao xiao"
"Xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao" is a line from a 1983 Taiwanese pop song. Want to know how it found its way to Alt Tiktok and what it means? It's all in here.
Are step chickens on the straight or elite side of TikTok?
Step Chickens are a Titok cult started by Melissa Ong, also known as Mother Hen.
Did Mooptopia really quit TikTok?
Mooptopia rose to TikTok fame in the summer of 2020, reaching approx 1.3 million followers in a month. She mysteriously quit the platform on July 15th of that year but returned on the 17th. During those two days, her fans were very worried and many speculations were made about her reasons.
How do you get on Alt TikTok?
You got {number correct}/{number of questions} correct answers!
It seems you may be on the straight side of TikTok, but you're always welcome to switch sides!
You got {number correct}/{number of questions} correct answers!
It looks like your FYP (For You page) is a mix of straight and elite TikToks. Like more Alt Toks to tip the scale. You know you want to!
You got {number correct}/{number of questions} correct answers
Welcome to the Alt side. Feel free to let the weird you be.

Alt TikTok Quiz

What is Alt TikTok? If you're a tiktokin' millennial you probably know the answer, and this quiz will give you a chance to shine, glitter, and sparkle.


If you're not a millennial, you're probably thinking, "what is Alt what?!?". But don't worry, this quiz is a great opportunity to catch up and get in on some cool alternative TikTok trends.  

  • Discover the heroes, or rather antiheroes, of Alt TikTok.
  • Learn about the most heated debates between mainstream TikTokers (AKA Straight TikTokers) and Alt TikTokers.
  • Discover some super fun and weird alternative TikTok clips. 

We hope you enjoy this quiz experience as much as we enjoyed creating it! See you on the other side of TikTok.

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