Digital Marketing Quiz Template

Create a Digital Marketing Quiz to test the digital marketing skills of employees, students. or prospective job applicants. The quizzes are easy to set up and distribute across multiple channels.

How Digital Marketers Use Quizzes

Drive Traffic From Social

The Opinion Stage digital marketing quiz maker integrates with popular social networks and includes features that promote social sharing. You can optimize the social shares by configuring the shared image and text. Because of this, you’ll increase traffic to your site.

Gather Leads

You can generate high quality leads by integrating a lead form inside your digital marketing quiz. As a result, this method of lead generation results with up to 500% more leads than static forms.

Create Assessments & Tests

Marketers, educators, and recruiters use digital marketing tests for prospective employees, students, and marketing teams. You can easily distribute the tests to students or participants of the course via web or email. That is to say, users take the quizzes from any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile as needed in your scenario, which will maximize participation. The results can be analyzed using the online results and statistics dashboard.


Digital Marketing Quizzes are a great tool for conducting online competitions. Quiz competitions generate lots of buzz and drive traffic to your site! You can run a digital marketing test where users can compete on who can answer the most questions in the least amount of time. As a result, you can collect their contact information and give a prize to the winner.

Why Our Digital Marketing Quiz Builder Stands Out?

The top reasons why Digital Marketers select Opinion Stage Quiz Builder

Fantastic Engagement

Opinion Stage digital marketing quizzes get great engagement rates. The digital marketing quiz questions are interactive, visually appealing, and optimized for all platforms.

Advanced Quiz Reporting

Opinion Stage will provide you with reports on all aspects of the digital marketing quiz results and performance. For example, the quiz reporting includes a performance summary, result report, and meta data such as time stamps. All of this information can be exported to a CSV/XLS file for advanced analysis.

Customize Quiz Look & Feel

You can select between different color themes, fonts, and sizes. You can use custom CSS to change each design aspect of your quiz, or white label the quiz and add your own logo. Therefor, you can customize your Digital Marketing Quiz to match your site and brand.

Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized

The Digital Marketing quizzes are fully responsive to verify that your quiz looks great on all devices. The quizzes are optimized to work fast on mobile and slower network connection, Consequently participation and completion rates are maximized.