What Is Your Brand's Personality?

If your brand were a person, what kind of person would it be? How would it look and sound? what would it care about and fight for?

Set out to meet your brand face to face with this quiz.
Let's go
How would you like your customers to see your brand?
Which of the following best describes your brand?
What do you give your audience?
What color scheme best suits your brand?
Do you see your audience as a community or as individuals?
What do you prefer to offer?
How does your company help people?
What is your brand's main selling point?
Your Brand Is {result #1 percent} Hero

The hero’s main motivation is to prove their worth. Their greatest fears are failure and weakness. The Hero is determined to leave a mark, often at the risk of great sacrifice.

A Hero brand promotes itself as the best, superior to its competitors. Its marketing strategy will often use powerful images, strong colors, and confident and unequivocal language.

Your brand is also...
{result #2 percent} Caregiver
{result #3 percent} Inventor
{result #4 percent} Explorer
{result #5 percent} Innocent
{result #6 percent} Wizard
{result #7 percent} Next-Door Neighbor
{result #8 percent} Ruler

Your Brand Is {result #2 percent} Caregiver

The caregiver is driven by a need to protect and care for others. A caregiver brand nurtures its clients and offers them protection, safety, and support.

The caregiver's marketing will often include imagery of 'real people', soft and warm colors, and relatable and caring language. Its messaging will usually be emotional and focus on empowering its audience.

Caregiver brands often contribute to the community (donations, volunteering, etc.)

Your brand is also...
{result #1 percent} Hero
{result #3 percent} Inventor
{result #4 percent} Explorer
{result #5 percent} Innocent
{result #6 percent} Wizard
{result #7 percent} Next-Door Neighbor
{result #8 percent} Ruler

Your Brand Is {result #3 percent} Inventor

The inventor is an authentic and non-conformist visionary. Such a brand aims to make something unique and meaningful. The inventor strives for perfection and gets great satisfaction from the process and outcome of creating something new.

The inventor's tone is often excited and enthusiastic, the messaging and products are often imaginative and innovative, sometimes at the expense of communicativeness.

Your brand is also...

{result #1 percent} Hero
{result #2 percent} Caregiver
{result #4 percent} Explorer
{result #5 percent} Innocent
{result #6 percent} Wizard
{result #7 percent} Next-Door Neighbor
{result #8 percent} Ruler

Your Brand Is {result #4 percent} Explorer

The explorer brand craves adventure and wants to discover the world for itself. It's independent, ambitious, and curious, but can also be a little restless and scattered.

Explorer brands stay current and encourage initiative. They focus on growth, self-improvement, and discovery. They usually offer products/services that promote individuality and provide an exciting way to experience new things.

Their language is usually simple and clear. Messaging is audience-focused and encourages self-expression. Their tone is often enthusiastic, empowering, and inspiring. And their imagery is colorful, friendly, and outdoorsy.

Explorers see their clients as fellow travelers, tracking together towards more freedom and new discoveries.

Your brand is also...

{result #1 percent} Hero
{result #2 percent} Caregiver
{result #3 percent} Inventor
{result #5 percent} Innocent
{result #6 percent} Wizard
{result #7 percent} Next-Door Neighbor
{result #8 percent} Ruler

Your Brand Is {result #5 percent} Innocent

The innocent wants to be free and happy and keep life simple. Innocent brands often pass obstacles that stop others thanks to their core optimism and hope.

In terms of messaging, innocents are simple and straightforward, with no hidden agendas or double meanings. They represent good and natural fun.

The innocent sees the good in every situation and motivates others to believe that everything will work out eventually.

Your brand is also...

{result #1 percent} Hero
{result #2 percent} Caregiver
{result #3 percent} Inventor
{result #4 percent} Explorer
{result #6 percent} Wizard
{result #7 percent} Next-Door Neighbor
{result #8 percent} Ruler

Your Brand Is {result #6 percent} Wizard

Wizards seek to understand how things work and improve them in order to change lives for the better. They are driven and charismatic.

Wizard brands see problems as opportunities. They seek to serve as catalysts of change and are willing to cross into grey areas to get there. They're super innovative, and often trailblazers and trendsetters.

They promote themselves as a gateway to transformation. When approaching their audience, they focus on the individual rather than the group. They often use flattery and call on their audience to trust their own instincts.

Your brand is also...

{result #1 percent} Hero
{result #2 percent} Caregiver
{result #3 percent} Inventor
{result #4 percent} Explorer
{result #5 percent} Innocent
{result #7 percent} Next-Door Neighbor
{result #8 percent} Ruler

Your Brand Is {result #7 percent} Next-door Neighbor
Next-door neighbors see their customers as equals. They value quality and dependability and aim to develop long-term trust-based relationships. They offer great, stable, and useful service. They're down-to-earth and realistic, all about getting the job done in the best possible way.

Their voice and tone are unpretentious and humble and their messaging is empathic. The image they go for is honest and trustworthy.

Your brand is also...

{result #1 percent} Hero
{result #2 percent} Caregiver
{result #3 percent} Inventor
{result #4 percent} Explorer
{result #5 percent} Innocent
{result #6 percent} Wizard
{result #8 percent} Ruler

Your Brand Is {result #8 percent} Ruler

The ruler is driven by power and control. Ruler brands use their power to create order, encourage advancement, and lead to positive outcomes.

Ruler brands speak authoritatively and present themselves as industry leaders. Their products and services represent quality and prestige.

They are the best, they know it and you know it too.

Your brand is also...

{result #1 percent} Hero
{result #2 percent} Caregiver
{result #3 percent} Inventor
{result #4 percent} Explorer
{result #5 percent} Innocent
{result #6 percent} Wizard
{result #7 percent} Next-Door Neighbor

What Is Your Brand's Personality?

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