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Create highly engaging and visually appealing story articles with our interactive Story Maker. Easily add visual and interactive elements that bring your story to life.

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Why Use Our Story Maker?

Following are the top reasons why our interactive story maker stands out

Fantastic Engagement

Opinion Stage's interactive story articles get fantastic engagement rates compared to static articles. This translates to more time spent on the site, more social sharing and more traffic.

engaging interactive story maker element

Interactive Story Maker Elements

Using interactive elements in your story is a guaranteed way to increase engagement, time-on-site and social sharing. The Opinion Stage story maker offers many interactive elements to select from - polls, trivia quizzes, personality quizzes, surveys, forms, and more.

example of an interactive element

Visual Elements

Add visual elements to your interactive story maker to make it more engaging and readable. With the Opinion Stage online story maker you can add images of different formats, videos from different sources and various visual embed types such as Twitter, Instagram and more.

story maker integrated search for images function

Beautiful Design

Make articles with visually appealing interactive elements that stand out. Every element in the articles is designed to both function and look great as this is an important factor in improving engaging and overall performance of the article.

beautiful design of interactive elements

Easy to Create

The Opinion Stage interactive story maker is based on interactive elements that you can easily add to your article. Each element is built for simplicity to verify creation is fast & easy. Use element templates to get up-and-going in no time.

online story maker element templates

Advanced Reporting

Get detailed reports on the performance of the article and each one of the interactive elements that is integrated inside it. This allows you to not only evaluate the overall performance of the article, but also evaluate each element that is embed inside it.

interactive element reporting dashboard

Responsive Design & Mobile Optimized

Responsive design ensures that your story performs & looks great on all types of devices and platforms. The articles are also optimized to load fast on mobile and slower network connections to verify engagement rates are maximized.

example of responsive design of an interactive story article

Interactive Story Maker for Lead Generation

The interactive story maker supports a few types of elements that can be used for lead generation. Use standard static forms, or integrate a contact form in a dynamic element such as a poll or quiz. Gathering user answers let's you qualify the gathered leads to verify they are valuable for your business.

gather leads using a lead generating element in the story

Customize Everything

Customize your story article so that it perfectly matches your brand. You can select between pre-built color themes, fonts and sizes of the article and different interactive elements inside it. You can also use custom CSS to change every design aspect of the article.

Example of a customized element

Embed Anywhere or Run from Our Landing Page

The story articles can be embed from any CMS or web page. We support different types of embeds: Javascript, iframe, placement, a WordPress plugin and more. In case you do not own a site you can run the story article from an optimized landing page on the Opinion Stage site.

interactive article embed in website

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