Buddy Meter- The Friend Quiz Taking Over the World

Ella Levenbach By Ella Levenbach Updated: November 8, 2023 Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Looking to create your own BuddyMeter or just want to learn what this friend quiz is all about? You have come to the right place!

Let’s start with an example, try it out:

What is This New Friend Quiz Known As the Buddy Meter?

If you’ve been paying attention to one of the crazes currently taking over the internet, then you have probably heard of a brand new friend quiz people are calling the “Buddy Meter.” This quiz is exactly what it sounds like and is specifically targeted at friendships. It’s a quiz where users can test just how well their friends know them. And they do that through questions that each user makes up or wants to be answered.

Buddy Meter Friends Quiz


What People Are Saying About It?

Users who have already created Buddy Meters have said that they have tremendous amounts of fun doing this friend quiz; they even compete in their group of companions to see who knows who the best. This kind of exercise works well for acquaintances too, as it allows them to learn more about each other; it’s also great for best friends who have known each other since childhood. Even siblings are doing it and having a great time with it as well.

People who’ve used the Buddy Meter have said that it’s fun even if their friends get all the answers wrong. One can never really “lose” in this friend quiz, even if they only answer one question correctly. You see, the fun is all in getting to know someone, even if what you thought about them isn’t actually true. In fact, some have said that the wrong answers have encouraged closer friendships; users will have fun discussions about their wrong answers and get to know each other during those talks.

How Does One Create Their Own BuddyMeter?

Making the quiz is very simple. The questions can be about anything and you can create many quizzes to keep your friends on your toes. You can start with a 101 version with questions that virtually anyone who knows you can answer, to a ‘best friends only’ version that your day ones better be able to ace. But if you’re not sure about what kind of questions to include, you can check out our example of the Buddy Meter.

At the end of the quiz creation process, users can link the quiz to their social media accounts (Snapchat is the most common). Their friends can get access to the questions from there. It’s a fun idea that is sweeping not only the nation but also the world. And you can create a buddy meter friends quiz right here, with Opinion Stage.

To start, simply go to our quiz maker, click the word “Create” and select “Trivia Quiz.” From there on, it’s as easy as pie. Decide how easy or difficult you’d like your questions to be, make them up and add them in. Once you’re done adding them in, make sure there are one correct and three incorrect options. You can even add in some pictures to make your friend quiz more fun.

Once you finish building your Opinion Stage BuddyMeter, you can share your quiz on Facebook and Whatsapp with anyone you want. After they take the quiz, they can share their results with you and other friends. They can also take the quiz as many times as they want. If you want to find out just how well your friends know you, it’s time to create the most epic of friend quizzes, your very own Buddy Meter.

It takes Less than 1 Minute to Create a Buddy Meter Friends Quiz

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