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Ads integrated inside Interactive Content are viewed more and clicked on more. Dramatically increase your ad revenue while delighting your users with engaging & personalized content.

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How it Works

Start generating revenue in 3 easy steps

1. Create Interactive Items

Create interactive content such as polls, trivia quizzes, personality quizzes, slideshows, and more. Create from scratch or from ready-made templates. It takes minutes to get up-and-going.

Create interactive content

2. Add to Your Site

Place the content on your site. You can either add items to articles one by one, or use placements for setting defined locations on your site in which interactive content is displayed. Placements can be a section in your site, the sidebar, a popup and more. Opinion Stage integrates with all content management systems and offers various embed options - javascript, iframe, plugins (e.g. WordPress plugin) and more.

Add the interactive content to your site

3. Track Your Revenue

You can integrate your own programmatic ad code or banners (you get 100% of the revenue), or let Opinion Stage manage the ads for you (rev-share based).

Track the performance and revenue

Why it Works So Well

Get up to 400% increase in ad revenue

Content that Performs Great and that Users Love

Polls & Quizzes are one of the most engaging types of online content. Highly crafted quizzes can get 80%+ participation rates & 90%+ completion rates, exceeding any other type of content. Users will love the content you create, while you enjoy a new revenue stream.

Interactive Content Performance

Fast & Easy to Create Content

Creating interactive content is easy and fast. You can either start from scratch or start from optimized templates. Either way you can get up and going with content in minutes. Setting up the ad is as easy as copying a piece of ad code.

example of programmatic ad integrated in interactive content

Highly Visible Ad Locations

You can select from a few different locations for integrating your ads in the content to verify that you maximize the ad revenue while providing an optimal experience for your users.

Example of a branded ad integrated in the content

More Ad Impressions Per Session

Interactive Content introduces more opportunities for displaying ads. Users spend more time on your content & ads so the potential of each ad is maximized. In addition, ad refresh mechanisms can dramatically increase the number of ads displayed in prominent locations in each session.

example of locations for ad refresh

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