Presentation Feedback Form Template

Gather feedback about your presentation from your participants right after the presentation to receive the best feedback. It will help you improve your public speaking skills. It will also help you understand whether your audience learned what you wanted them to learn.

Why Feedback on Your Presentations Is Important

Gathering feedback from your audience is a quick and easy way to understand whether you made your point well and your audience walked away from the presentation having learned what you wanted them to learn; or whether you succeeded in motivating them, to persuade them to do something, or a whether you reached a myriad of other goals you might have had with your presentation.

Presentation feedback is also a great way to improve your public speaking skills if you ask the right questions of your audience. While nobody likes to hear bad feedback, it can really enable to you to sharpen your presentation skills for future presentations. Plus, you’re likely to receive positive feedback as well which will help you understand your existing strength and how to use them even better.

Presentation Feedback Form Tips

When creating your perfect presentation feedback form and deciding when and how to administer it, consider your specific goals and the circumstances under which the participants fill out your feedback form. Use the tips below to create and administer your perfect presentation feedback form.

Timing is Everything

Just like with most other forms of feedback, one important decision is when to send out your form or survey. With most presentations, the best moment to ask for feedback is right after the presentation. That is when the presentation is still fresh in the participants’ minds and they can provide the most accurate feedback about your performance and the presentation itself. It is also when the participants are most likely to respond as they probably quickly move on with their day and on to other important tasks soon after. So, consider taking the last few minutes of your presentation to ask for feedback right away.

The Presentation vs. The Presenter

The Opinion Stage presentation feedback form template includes questions specifically about your presentation as well as specific questions about the presenter. These are two of the most important components of every presentation and should be asked about separately as participants sometimes have different feedback on content versus form.

Constructive and Specific Feedback

Make sure to ask a few general multiple-choice questions that let participants provide quick and easy feedback on some points and ask for specific feedback with open-ended questions at the end. Make sure you phrase these open-ended questions in a way that leads to constructive feedback. For example, ask what would have made the presentation better as opposed to what the participants didn’t like. Not only is this type of feedback more useful to you as a presenter, it also tends to feel less personal and is easier to digest.

Adapt the Template

The presentation feedback form template is written in a way that most presenters can use it as is for most of their presentations. However, sometimes you have a very specific goal with your presentation. Finding out whether you achieved it is easily done by adding or changing a specific question. For example, if your goal was to motivate people to take a specific action, consider adding a question about the likelihood with which the participant will take this specific action. If your goal was to inform your audience about a specific topic, consider adding a specific question about the topic to understand whether the participants are able to answer it correctly after having participated in your presentation.