Branding Questionnaire Template

Creating a successful brand strategy is by no means simple. Whether you are helping clients build a brand from scratch or rebrand, a branding questionnaire can provide you with an abundance of useful information. Collect relevant input from your client to ensure you hit their intent and help them build a brand that matches their business and philosophy.

What Is a Brand?

It’s essential to understand that a brand is more than an attractive logo and a font to go with it. Sure, the visual elements are an important part of branding, but there is much more to brand identity than this. The most recognizable brands are the ones that convey their message and values in a unique and attractive way.

In short, your brand includes everything that sets you apart from other similar businesses. It’s how you perceive yourself, how you want to be perceived, and how your audience perceives you. 

How Does a Branding Questionnaire Help With Branding? 

In essence, building a strong brand identity requires taking into account all elements of a business. And to do that, you’ll need all the information you can get. A branding questionnaire is a great way to collect information regarding a brand’s mission, vision, core values, and target audience, as well as how they communicate with them. Once you have everything you need, you’ll find it much easier to work on yours or your client’s brand.

Even if you are trying to build your own brand, a branding questionnaire can come in handy. It will help you guide your efforts and ensure your brand reflects all the aspects of your business that make you unique and captures the tone that will resonate with your audience. 

What to Include in a Branding Questionnaire?

Depending on whether you are building a brand for a client or yourself, there are a couple of tips to consider. In general, all branding questionnaire questions can be placed in one of two categories:

Questions to Ask the Owner of the Brand

These are usually the questions you want to ask your clients when helping them build a brand. They address the mission, vision, long term and short term goals of the business, and their core values. The answers to these questions will help you understand the brand and develop the most effective branding strategy.

The same applies if you are working on your own branding efforts. If you have a team, make sure you use the questionnaire to ask for their input as well. 

Questions to Ask the Audience

The questions you want to ask your target audience will depend on the business you are in. However, there are a couple of universal inquiries you can’t go wrong with. These questions are directed at finding out how they feel about your brand. How useful do they find your products or services? What emotions do they associate with your brand? What separates you from the competition from their point of view?

Knowing how they perceive you will help you understand what you need to do to build a strong brand identity.