Video Survey Template

A video survey uses one or more video questions to engage and collect reliable feedback and rich insights. In some cases, the video is used to boost engagement and response rate, and in others, it's the subject of a question or the entire survey.

There are many advantages to video surveys. They're attention-grabbing and highly interactive, they offer a memorable user/customer experience, they're great for collecting authentic feedback, and they're super easy to create.

If you're using our survey software to make a video survey, all you need to do is choose a YouTube/Vimeo clip, or create a custom video, and upload it to your preferred platform. Then copy the link and add it to your survey cover, question card, or closing card. 

To make extra-engaging video questions and get even more survey responses use a short and exciting video element.

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Do you know how to tie your shoes?

Turns out there's a wrong way and a right way to tie shoelaces.
It's time to find out if you've been doing it wrong your whole life!
(If you've been doing it like the dude in this video, you certainly have...)
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