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Help your students enjoy learning by giving them an interactive worksheet to complete. Customize our worksheet template to fit your students’ level and your lesson plan. Make learning and teaching even more fun with engaging worksheets.

Increase Student Engagement with a Creative Worksheet Template

One of the hardest tasks for a teacher is to get the students to engage with the lesson. A creative worksheet can pique your students’ interest and get them to participate. If they are having fun while learning, half of your job is done. Any lesson can be made into a game with creative visual tools. Check out these education quizzes for more ideas.

Make It Age-Appropriate

Children of different ages will have different responses to your worksheet. When you use a customizable template, you can make any worksheet age and lesson-appropriate. Mix and match elements that will interest your students and help them learn the lesson.

What Elements to Include in Your Worksheet?

Your worksheet should always start with a title and instructions. Make the instructions clear and concise, so that the students can focus on the task at hand. For younger learners, try to use language they are familiar with to make sure they understand what to do. This isn’t the place to introduce them to new ideas or concepts.

Add graphics that will interest your students, but don’t overcrowd the page. Children and teenagers can have a hard time focusing. The aim is to make the subject matter engaging, but not to take their attention away from the task. Make sure you give them enough room to imagine, think, and respond.

Depending on the lesson, your worksheet can take many forms. You can use simple open-ended questions, multiple-choice questions, or matching questions, where students are asked to match pictures to words. The graphics you include can be a part of the tasks themselves or simple visuals to make the lesson more fun.

Experiment to Find What Works

You don’t have to commit to a single design. Some worksheets work better than others for specific classes and you can’t be sure until you try. When you use a worksheet template, it’s easy to create a new one in a matter of minutes. You can experiment until you find a design that gets all of your students to engage with the lesson. Browse our survey templates and form templates for more ideas.

A Customizable Worksheet Template Saves You Time

Teachers have a lot of tasks they need to perform. From writing lesson plans to actually teaching the lesson, there’s not a lot of time left for creating teaching materials. A worksheet template allows you to streamline the process and create a new worksheet for any class you are teaching in a matter of minutes.

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