Boost Your Marketing with Interactive Content

Generating brand awareness today isn’t as easy as it used to be. Increased competition has made it harder to stand out, ad campaigns have become more expensive, and users have learned to tune out anything that looks like a sales pitch.

One of the best ways to reach users today is by creating interactive content such as quizzes, polls, and slideshows. With the right type of interactive content, you can drive exceptional results to your business without the costs of traditional brand awareness campaigns.

Engage your audience

Interactive content captures your audience’s attention no matter what channel they’re on. For example, interactive quizzes can generate participation rates of over 80% and completion rates of over 90%. No other type of content produces such impressive engagement numbers.

Below is an example of the type of interactive content a health food business would create if they were trying to generate brand awareness:

Increase time on site

Interactive content increases the time users spend on your site. Well crafted quizzes & slideshows, for example, result in users spending an average of over 4 minutes on a web page. That outperforms almost all other content formats.

Drive traffic from social networks

People enjoy sharing interactive content on social media. The right piece of content can help your brand go viral and drive a massive amount of traffic to your site. For more information on driving traffic from social networks, click here.

Track your performance

You can use Opinion Stage to measure every aspect of your brand awareness campaign including, the number of views generated, engagement rates, drop-off points, and more. You can also export all of this information for advanced analysis. Below is an example of a report:

Customize for your brand

Opinion Stage makes it easy to customize every aspect of your content. For example, you can change your content’s font and theme, and use the built-in CSS override feature to make your content match your brand’s look & feel.

Marketing automation integration

Opinion Stage integrates with hundreds of marketing automation and email services. This allows you to fully integrate your interactive content campaigns with your existing marketing systems and to track their performance against your benchmarks.