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Why Use Opinion Stage Job Application Forms?

Use our form builder to make job application forms effortlessly, arming your team with the data they need to make well-informed hiring decisions.

1. Gather valuable information

Opinion Stage gives you full control over every application form you build—from its design to its content. You can ask the questions you want so you can gather the information you need to make well-informed decisions. By putting more thought into your questions, you can gather valuable information that applicants won’t usually share on their resume or CV.

2. Organize applications easily

Enhance HR recruitment by deploying a new job application form online. The applications won’t take up physical space in the office, making it easier for you to organize forms at various levels of the screening process for different vacant positions. We can cut down the amount of time it takes to hire employees by removing bottlenecks and other logistical issues that come with traditional recruitment methods.

3. Set up notifications and alerts

One of the advantages of building application forms on our platform is that you will be notified of every submission so you can easily monitor the recruitment process. Connect our form builder to your email address or marketing automation systems. You can use our native integrations such as MailChimp and HubSpot, or custom webhooks.

4. Eliminate messy paperwork

Get rid of the messy paperwork that comes with serious logistical challenges. By launching online forms, you can organize the records of applicants for various open positions at different stages of the recruitment process more effectively. Eliminating messy paperwork makes it easier for HR to search for applicants’ data and track their progress as well.

5. Create mobile-optimized forms

The Opinion Stage form builder makes fully responsive and mobile-optimized designs that will look good on every device and screen size. No matter the internet connection speed, our online form will always load fast and smooth.

6. Make applications convenient

Printing forms, buying stamps, and waiting weeks for a response is too time-consuming. Ready-made job application forms are more convenient than paper-based forms as they cost less money, effort, and time. You can even embed them into any website and CMS.

7. Build websites from scratch

Even without coding abilities, you can use Opinion Stage to build a job application form from scratch. Our tool lets you customize and personalize every single form you build, allowing you to tailor the colors, font styling, and background to match your brands’ specific needs. You can create as many forms as you need for vacant positions in the company, then you can preview each one before deploying them.

8. Customize website templates

All our templates are highly customizable, allowing you to modify nearly every element of the form—from font styles and colors to sizes—in a matter of minutes. Custom CSS may also be used to carry out more elaborate alterations to the job application form. Personal touches such as the brand logo may be added to the form as well to make it look like it was developed in-house.

9. Gain comprehensive reports

Find out how well candidates are responding to your new job application form through detailed reports on the submissions. Through Opinion Stage, you can export the information you need to an XLS/CSV file so that you can conduct advanced analysis on the performance of your forms.

10. Keep all applicant data safe

All the data we gather in our application forms are encrypted before they are sent to secure AWS Amazon servers for safe-keeping. We adhere to privacy and security standards in everything we do. At your request, we can download and erase your data from our servers permanently.

How Customers Use Our Job Application Forms

Make the recruitment process smooth, less time-consuming, and cost-effective using our form builder tool. Hire the best people for your company without racking up hefty fees.

1. Simplify job application forms

Deploying a simple job application form online can remove the barriers of traditional recruitment methods, leading to a wider, more valuable applicant pool. Keep everything brief and straightforward so you can easily identify the qualifications that you need while delivering an exceptional recruitment experience.

2. Streamline the hiring process

Streamlining the hiring process not only keeps everything organized internally but also leaves a great impression on potential candidates. If applicants have an unpleasant recruitment experience, they may end up dropping out or declining the offer you present them with. We can prevent that from happening by providing a better recruitment experience.

3. Uncomplicate large-scale hiring

Online job application forms make large-scale hiring quick, manageable, and cost-effective since they are easier to review compared to resumes or CVs. HR can conveniently check the skills and experiences of candidates to determine if they fit the job description. They can run the recruitment process smoothly, especially when dealing with large-scale hiring.

4. Reduce application drop-offs

Carefully designed forms can create great first impressions and reduce application abandonment, which is one of the greatest challenges in recruitment. The Opinion Stage form builder can help you create and personalize simple yet visually pleasing job application forms that increase participation rates and reduce applicant drop-offs.

5. Encourage top talent to apply

Having an online job application form that can be embedded into any HTML web page or integrated with social networks can help you accumulate a qualified talent pool. Opinion Stage can even run your forms from an optimized landing page if you don’t have your own website. Without the usual cumbersome processes of paper-based applications, you can attract valuable candidates.

6. Remove unqualified applicants

Opinion Stage enables you to identify and hire the most ideal candidates. Using our job application template, HR can easily scan applicants and weed out ones that don’t make the cut. You can eliminate applicants with a poor job record or a bad credit report history, especially for positions that require employees to handle customer’s personal information or huge amounts of money.

7. Recruit the right applicants

qualified candidates. You can pre-screen applicants faster and more effectively, allowing only qualified talent to move through the pipeline. Hiring ideal candidates can lead to better engagement and greater productivity, important factors that mitigate the hefty costs of hiring new employees.

8. Reduce your recruitment costs

Filling vacant positions through newspaper classifieds and other job posting platforms will come with a hefty price tag. By running online applications, you can reduce recruitment costs significantly, especially when you’re dealing with large volumes of applicants. You can embed your forms into your website, social media, or Opinion Stage. No need to pay expensive subscription fees to post the vacancies.

Who Benefits from Online Job Application Forms?

A smooth, seamless recruitment process is advantageous in many ways. Here are the people who benefit from it.

1. The Applicants

Eliminate unconscious bias in recruitment using our professionally made job application template. Give candidates equal employment opportunities by designing a standard format with set questions. Using our application forms, you can also make the entire process more convenient and efficient for candidates.

2. Human Resources

Job postings may attract hundreds of potential candidates, which can be quite a headache for HR if they still have to manually sort out applications. By running our online job application forms, HR can conveniently scan and compare potential candidates. In turn, they can create a shortlist of impressive candidates without breaking a sweat.

3. The Managers

Hiring applicants that suit the culture of the company should make life easier for managers. If they are invested in what they do, training new hires on the company values, goals, and vision won’t be much of a problem. They will also be less likely to make intentional or habitual absences, which could cost the company a lot in the long run.

4. The Company

Online job applications can help you find employees that fit well culturally. Adding long-lasting valuable employees to the company can lead to increased job satisfaction and reduce the company turnover. Employees who enjoy their time in the workplace feel less stressed and, in turn, are less likely to perform poorly.

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