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Engage Audience

Use Quizzes & Polls to boost your content engagement, social sharing, time on site & ad CTR’s. Boost your content conversion and revenue.

Generate Leads

Get up to 400% more leads by integrating a contact form in a highly engaging quiz or poll. Qualify your leads with the quiz and poll questions.

Extract Insights

Get more & better submissions with beautiful visual & interactive surveys and forms. Learn more about gathering insights the interactive way.

Drive Sales & Revenue

Make it easier for your buyers to find the perfect product or service with a personalized interactive quiz. Increase your sales and revenue.

How It Works

1. Create

Create a poll, survey, quiz or form either from scratch or from a template.
It takes minutes to get started.

2. Share

Add to your site or use a landing
page on our site. Share with your
social network & email followers

3. Get Results

Track results & performance. Optimize to maximize conversions (e.g. submissions, leads, revenue, etc).

Hundreds of Integrations

Send your email leads to mailchimp, sync responses with google sheet. Get it all done automatically.

Loved By Our Customers

Hundreds of customers gave us 5 star reviews


Opinion Stage is the best quiz software I’ve used. It’s feature rich, easy to use and creates attractive content.

John Dykstra

Fats Stacks Entrepreneur


I enjoy the features, functionality and great customer support, as well as the helpful tutorials. I love that it is an interactive tool and can really make customers a part of the experience.

Iris Morales

Founder IM Innovations Inc.


This tool does a great job at grabbing attention, keeping visitors engaged and capturing leads! I highly recommend 🙂

Mickey Bates

All things Food & Wine

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