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Engage Audience

Use quizzes and polls to improve content engagement, social sharing, and dwell time. Turn every user from a passive viewer into an active participant. Learn more…

Get Leads & Emails

Get up to 500% more leads by integrating a lead form in a highly engaging quiz, form, or poll. Qualify your leads with the quiz questions. Learn more…

Gather Feedback

Collect more and better feedback by using visual interactive surveys and forms. Use our intuitive analytics dashboard to analyze results easily and quickly. Learn more…

Do Research

Conduct research easily with surveys your audience will love to answer. Visual conversational surveys get up to 3x more replies than standard surveys or forms. Learn more…

Drive Sales

Help your customers find the perfect product or service based on their preferences and needs with a personalized interactive quiz or survey. Learn more…

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Powerful Solutions for...


Boost Your Marketing With Conversational Quizzes & Surveys

Connect with your audience, boost engagement, and get more leads with a visual conversational quiz, survey, or form. Quick and easy to make, share, and track. Learn more...

Content Creators

Add Power to Your Content Strategy

Dramatically increase engagement and conversions with interactive quizzes, polls and surveys. Get your audience to spend more time on your content, remember it, and share it with others. Learn more...

Small Businesses

Grow Your Businesses with Quizzes & Surveys That Get Better Results

Get better results for your businesses. Land more qualified leads, get insightful feedback, and make more sales with quizzes and surveys people will love to complete. Learn more...


Get Better Results With Visual Quizzes, Surveys & Forms

Use conversational quizzes, surveys, and forms to streamline internal communications, improve employee training, or spice up your marketing strategy. We've got a solution for every department. Learn more...

How It Works

1. Create

Create from scratch or from a template.
It takes minutes to get started.

3. Analyze

Track results & performance. Optimize to maximize conversions (e.g. submissions, leads, revenue, etc).

Templates & Examples

Hundreds of templates for every use-case or scenario.

Why Opinion Stage?


A conversation experience – one question at a time – makes the interaction more natural resulting in more responses, and more thoughtful answers.


Visual experiences catch your audience attention and keep them engaged for longer. Create delightful engagements based on built-in visual media integrations.


Add personalization to the conversation. Use skip logic to lead different users on different paths based on their answers. Use advanced outcome logic to personalize the results displayed to your users.

Hundreds of Integrations

Send your email leads to Mailchimp, sync responses with Google Sheets. Get it all done automatically.

Case Studies

Zulily Makes Engaging Quizzes That 80% Click & 90% Complete

Learn how Zulily got over 80% participation rates and over 90% completion rates on their quizzes using Opinion Stage.

Outbrain Uses Friendly Personality Quizzes to Measure Brand Uplift

Find out how Outbrain used personality quizzes to prove campaign effectiveness in a convincing & cost-effective way.

IHG Gets 50% More Responses with Visual Feedback Surveys

Discover how IHG gathers more and better feedback using visual conversational surveys.

Loved By Our Customers

Hundreds of customers gave us 5-star reviews

With Opinion Stage's engaging & user-friendly quizzes, we can extract brand insights while remaining faithful to Outbrain's quality content standards. We're able to track brand lift that shows our customers the value of our campaigns in a cost-effective and seamless manner.

Lisa Wong

Director of Research & Insights at Outbrain

With Opinion Stage we can create unique, beautiful, and on-brand content in an easy, collaborative fashion, drive insights that help us create better experiences, track how customers are engaging with our initiatives, and live our values of driving progress by trying, learning, and improving our product.

Stasia Kehoe

Marketing Copywriter at Zulily

By using Opinion Stage, we have a user-friendly built-in system that allows us to get better responses. The product is so simple to use, that we've seen nearly a 50% increase in feedback submitted, which has been a tremendous help for my team!

Kari Gilbert

Business Process Specialist at IHG Hotels & Resorts

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