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Value for Publishers

  • Boost Engagement

    Publishers using Opinion Stage dramatically increase user engagement, contributions and time spent on their web sites & apps.

  • Generate Revenue

    Generate revenue by integrating contextual ads in your polls and promoting polls from across the Opinion Stage network.

  • Discover Opinions & Insights

    Discover opinions and the people behind them. Slice & dice the poll results using social, demographic and behavioral filters to generate actionable insights.

  • Drive Traffic to Your Site

    Opinion Stage's deep social integration promotes social sharing of votes resulting with new traffic to your site.


  • Opinion Stage polls are perfect for letting our users express their opinions. The engagement levels of the polls are great – we usually get 20-30% of the site visitors voting in article polls, often producing over 100,000 votes within hours. The polls also create a lot of buzz and produce valuable insights into the opinions of the mass.
    Gido Ran, Ynet News Editor
  • I highly recommend Opinion Stage as they offer a fantastic product with exceptional support. Whenever I required additional help, they listened to my needs and promptly replied with a solution.
    Scott Percival, Ensite
  • We recently replaced our internal voting system with Opinion Stage polling. Opinion Stage was very simple to setup, and is very easy to use. The voting volume improvement was immediate and impressive - in just a few weeks, our users voted over a million times, multifold more than in our previous system!
    Yael Bier-Katz, PPLUS Gossip Editor
  • We needed a highly reliable plugin that would work flawlessly... Not only did the plugin work flawlessly for us, but their support is off the charts great too. I am 100% satisfied and would recommend anyone to use their voting plugin as well.
    Amber Ludwig, Authentic Business Success
  • Opinion stage has been a wonderful feature that we were able to add to our website. Not only does it promote interactivity on our website, but they have been very helpful with any questions or issues we had. Opinion Stage's support team is fantastic.
    Teryn Schafer, Republic Times
  • We built a stage for opinions to which we add new polls almost every day on hot topics. It offers our visitors a way to express their views and helps us improve our direct business objects – distribution of our content in social networks via votes and shares and increasing the time-on-site.
    Yoav Segev, Editor of digital formats, Haaretz
  • We created an election poll in which over 30,000 users participated with their Facebook profile. The poll created a lot of buzz and produced 100,000’s of views and 10,000’s of shares. It also assisted us in extracting interesting insights into our site visitors and into online political trends.
    Amir Shiloh, Editor of Walla! Elections

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