Environmental Awareness Survey

Air, energy, equity, food, mobility, and water are the 6 areas we focus on to improve quality of life, protect our ecosystem, and preserve natural resources. This study aims to examine the general awareness to each of these areas.
How old are you?
What gender do you identify as?
What is your ethnicity?
Where are you located?
How do you feel about this statement: I try to be knowledgeable about sustainability issues
How urgently do we need to take action to protect our environment?
The following questions relate to the 6 areas of sustainability:
Air: outside/indoor air quality, sources of air pollution.
Energy: how we power homes/offices, power source, energy efficiency.
Equity: equal access to resources, opportunities, and civic life.
Food: ability to grow, make, and consume fresh healthy food.
Mobility: public transport and safe use of our streets to walk, bike, run, drive.
Water: quality of our water supply, natural waterways, and storm water systems.
Which of the 6 areas is the most important in your every day life?
Which of the 6 areas is the least important in your every day life?
Which of the following do you practice in your everyday life? (Check all that apply)
Do you think about how and where your clothes are made?
Do you consider water quality important?
How frequently do you make your own food?
Do you implement energy saving practices in your everyday life?
Describe the energy saving practices you partake in
What is your typical mode of transportation?
Practicing sustainability
Please indicate how important the following sustainable practices are in your opinion.
Minimizing the waste sent to landfills
Choosing food based on its environmental impact
Water conservation
Purchasing environmentally friendly products
Energy conservation
Minimizing carbon emissions from transportation
Which of the following would you like to know more about? (Please select all that apply)
Thank you!
Thank you for completing the Environmental Awareness Survey. Need ideas on how to incorporate more sustainable practices in your everyday life? Click on the link below.

Environmental Awareness Survey

Research environmental awareness according to the six areas of sustainability.
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